Read about Patrick in a recent article from the Spokesman Review:

Three individuals who embraced big changes offer inspiration for bold resolutions

"Think of Patrick O’Conner as an older brother with a message for the baby boomers who are resolved to getting old and harbor a malaise for life and relationships: change your mind."

"A year ago, O’Conner weighed 290 pounds, was on the verge of divorce and had no will to change."

"Today, O’Conner has lost 70 pounds and made the cover of the Coeur d’Alene Kroc Center’s magazine, wearing swim trunks and showing off his abs. His love life is rekindled, and he is actually enjoying so-called old age."

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We teach a holistic approach to creating a better you through the use of meditation, self-examination, physical training and advice about eating habits. We want you to learn the art of conscious living. There are no simple-minded solutions or quick fixes. The issue of control is central to managing your life. And it is all in your mind, waiting to create a new you.